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Are you searching for the best products at an affordable price? Did you ever visit Dollar Tree company? Then you will definitely visit the Dollar Tree after reading this article. Because Dollar store is the best place where you can buy quality products within a dollar or less than that and also you can win a reward for buying things from there. Do you want to know more about it? Then I will help you. This article is about the store Dollar Tree, about the survey Dollar tree customer satisfaction survey, how to win the survey and more. Let’s get started.


About the company ‘Dollar Tree Inc.”

Dollar Tree Inc. is an American retail chain that is popular in the entire United States. The Dollar Tree company is famous for the selling items costing a dollar or less than that. They have their headquarters in the Chesapeake in Virginia. This company operates more than 14, 744 stores currently throughout the 48 US states and in Canada. The Dollar Tree Inc. also listed in the Fortune 150.

DollarTreeFeedback – Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey.

This survey is aimed at customers who wish to give an opinion about the dollar store. In your valuable opinion, they give you a precious prize. Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey | Kroger Feedback

it is worth $1000 to $500. Isn’t it huge? You get the prize worth $1000 or $500 just for purchasing and giving them opinion even if it is negative. They never avoid you if you give them a negative opinion that you had experienced with them. This is one of the highlighted factors of Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Rules you must follow before when you start the survey.

  • You should 18 years old or completed 18.
  • You have to provide them with your basic contact details
  • You should have a functional email id.
  • Your discount can be used only one time.
  • Your receipt should be used within 30 days or it will be disqualified.

Things you required in order to start the survey.

  • You must have a device in order to start the survey which can access the internet.
  • A good quality internet connection.
  • A fresh and recent receipt from the Dollar Tree store.
  • A minimum understanding in any of the languages in English, Spanish or French

How to get started with the survey “Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey”.

Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Go to their official webpage;
  • Choose your preferred language in between the English, Spanish or French
  • Now you have to enter the store number, the amount of money you spend on Dollar tree store, the date of visit and time of visit. Don’t panic if you don’t remember these, this information has already been printed on your receipt.
  • Now you will get into their survey page. You have to rate your overall experience at the Dollar Tree store based on their friendly attitude of employees, excellence in service, product quality and more.
  • After submitting the answers, you will be asked to enter your personal contact details such as email id, phone number, mailing address etc. In spite of to get into the sweepstakes directly.

Reference Links Dollar Tree Customer Feedback Survey:

  1. Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey Link:
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  3. Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey Winner List
  4. Dollar Tree Official Site:

Contact details:

  •  Dollar Tree Customer Service Number:1-757-321-5000

 DollarTree Feedback Survey Social Media site:


I hope you perceived the facts that I have shared above. The winners will be get two types of prizes like Daily Prize and Weekly Prize. If you won the daily prize contest then you will get $1000 worth prize. And if you won the weekly contest then you will get $500 worth prize. In the daily prize contest there will be only one winner and in the weekly contest, there will be 3 winners on each draw. So, which prize you going to take home, Daily or Weekly?

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