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Do you ever visited a Walmart store. Then you are blessed that it is a great opportunity for you to win Sweepstakes worth $100 or $1000 USD as Walmart gift card.

Through their official website; Walmart Survey gives the customers an awesome chance to share their thoughts and experience about the Walmart store. The Walmart stores really concerned about the clients who visits there. With your honest feedback it will help in the growth of Walmart store. Either your feedback positive nor negative give them an honest genuine feedback in the Walmart Customer Satisfaction survey.

walmart customer survey

To complete the survey in Walmart you just need a few minutes that you used to drink water. When you take the survey, you have to give them your experience and thoughts about the corporate in order to help them to improve in their products and services. After completing the survey or after submitting your honest answers you will get an outstanding chance to win the Survey which is worth $1000 USD as your gift card.

Let us know more about the Walmart Survey

The main objective of the Walmart survey is to get the opinions of the people who visit there to know how they feel about or experienced with the services and products provided by the company.

There are some couples of questions were in this survey which you have to answer in regarding to the satisfaction with their services and products offering by the Walmart company. These questions contain all the areas of the company including the overall customer satisfaction, product quality, staff behavior, comfortable in the purchasing and payment and so more. Give your precious opinion in the Walmart Survey so that you will get more chance to win $1000 or $100 worthy Walmart gift cards.

Rewards given by the Walmart company for completing their Survey

Grand Prizes: In this field there will be awarded 5 grand prizes for each consisting of the Walmart gift card which is worth amount of $1000 USD.

First Prizes: The First prizes will be awarded to 750 with each consisting of the Walmart gift card which is worth amount of $100 USD.

To win this survey you must complete the survey provided by Walmart. Then after completing the survey you will be qualified for winning the survey either Grand prize or First prize which is worth $1000 or $100 USD. If you want to become a part in this survey you should have a purchase receipt from the Walmart company. It is because you need the survey code to enter the Walmart survey. Give your best opinion on this Walmart customer satisfaction survey.

The Walmart survey contains the questions relating to the customer satisfaction level. You have to answer the questions in scale with your experience in recent visiting by giving them Highly satisfied or satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, or Dissatisfied or highly dissatisfied. Rate with your best answer what you felt for them and complete it, then you will get a chance to win $1000 or $100 Walmart gift card.

Rules and demands for competing the Walmart survey

For entering the survey, you don’t need to purchase to win the survey. Purchasing more or paying will not help increase your chance to win the sweepstakes in any way.

Date of Sweepstakes: The survey will begin at 12 AM of Central Time and ends at 11:59 PM of Central Time. It took the period one months to draw.

Eligibility: The survey provided by Walmart is only open for the legal resident persons in United States.

Excluded peoples: The workers from Walmart including officers, Directors, Managers, and employees of the Home Depot store Support are not eligible for this survey. And also, family members from any of the Walmart Person will not be allowed to take the survey.

How to enter the Walmart Survey?

There are mainly four ways to enter the Walmart survey they are;

Purchase: If you want to enter the survey you have make purchase in Walmart retail store between the sweepstakes period. Because you need he cash receipt from the Walmart to enter the online survey. But keep in mind you can use only one receipt for one survey.

Invite for Survey: The Customers can buy products from their online website;,, and any other websites between the given Sweepstakes period. And the buyer will get the survey invitation through via e-mail. You can enter the website with this invitation in order to complete the survey.

Online: You can take survey through their official survey website and complete the survey. Click ”yes” when they asked you to enter the Sweepstakes. Then give your personal details including your complete name, address along with postal code, Telephone number, Email ID and your age. After complete the filling of your information press ”Continue” to get free entry for the Walmart Survey.

Through Mail: If you want participate through mail it is also possible. All you need is a postcard size of about not smaller tan 3 ½ x 5 inches and no bigger than 4 ¼ x 6 inches, and a legibly handwrite along with your complete name, mailing address, phone number and date of birth. And mail them with this address,

“2018 Q1 Walmart Sweepstakes,

PO Box 10427,


NY 14610″

Complete the survey within given time. The winners of Walmart Sweepstakes winners have to accept the gift card as the gift. There is no way to reclaim the gift card as for money or any other gifts by the winners of sweepstakes.

How to complete the Walmart Survey?

  • If you want to enter the Walmart survey website; you can also click here and you will be redirected to the Walmart official page for survey.
  • If you received your survey invitation from a store in Canada , please click on the following link to the Canadian version of this survey.

Wal-Mart In-Store Satisfaction Survey


  • Next step you have to select your language. There are two options English and Spanish. You can go with your comfortable language.
  • If you were received the survey invitation from the Canada store then you have to go on their Canadian website; To enter the contest.
  • Next you have to understand the detail of the survey then enter your 4-digit Birth year and then click “continue”.
  • You will then you will take to the survey, now you have to enter your honest feedback here and submit the answers.
  • After submitting the survey, you will get a notification about to enter the sweepstakes click “yes”. They a window will pop out to give your information. Complete it.

That’s it, you have done.  Now wait for the results if you win or not. If you win you will be notified by administer of sweepstakes.

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