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Wawa Inc. Is one of the oldest business on the history of the USA. They started their carrier in the early of 1803. Before that it was an Iron foundry which is located in New Jersey. When means they have shown its history more than two centuries of activity. Later that the company changed the cooperative image into a dairy farm after moved to Pennsylvania. During the period 1920’s the business become popular and embraced the slogan “BUY HEALTH BY THE BOTTLE”.


People began to buy their product directly from their stores. Correspondingly the company rebranded once again itself by the opening of the first satisfactory store. Wawa company also sold other food and beverages along with their home brands which expanded their Wawa menu.

The Wawa company have a log which regardless of the image of a goose in fight. This image was pick out by the company because of the principles of team work, encouragement and the group consensus. The word Wawa obtained from the Ojibwa word which means for the Canada Goose.

The Wawa company have also demanded in various number of humanitarian programs. They provide such programs including the concoct to help the Irish students, mainly from the UCC in Cork Ireland and completes MBA studies at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia by providing them scholarships.

Wawa Inc. propound a wide variety of food products, aligned from the chips and sandwiches to coffee and iced tea. Such as milk and the hoagie sandwich some of the products made the Wawa company become popular are still being sold. And also, within a short period of time from 1994-1996 they even sold the Taco Bell and Pizza Hut products. From time to time the Wawa Inc. Inaugurated new items into their menu. This menu can be viewed as well as in their store and in online on their website.

Wawa Inc. Is a series of convenience store and the gas station alone side the EastCoast. There are many locations the Wawa company supervised. These locationsinclude in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New jersey, Delaware, Virginia and Florida. In Greater Philadelphia the Wawa Inc. Become the largest convenience store chain and also the third biggest retailer of food after the ACME Markets and the ShopRite beginning with 2008.

And now the Wawa company provides the customers have the chance to express their opinion on the company through their website in the aid of the ‘My Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey’

What is “My Wawa Customer SatisfactionSurvey”?

My Wawa Satisfaction Survey is an online questionnaire for the people who visit the Wawa Inc. Which allowed to share their experience and feeling about the Wawa chain store and the gas stations. It was made for the company in disperate to improve the customer satisfaction as well as the shopping experience when the visit one of their Wawa shops.

To improve the overall quality of the Wawa company customer service clients are embraced to share their view on the company. This will help to let them know what their customers feel about their performance with the quality of service and care for customers.

What you need in order to take the survey?

  • First and the important thing you must need a laptop or a smartphone or a tablet or PC in order to take part in this Survey.
  • Need a good Internet connection because of this survey conducting through online.
  • Minimum knowledge about either English nor Spanish.
  • Must be 18 years old or more than 18 years old.
  • One must be a legal resident of the 50 United states and the district of Columbia.
  • A couple of minutes which 10 minutes is around, should be free to part in all questions.
  • Make sure that you observed with the privacy policy. Because the company may use your personal Information

How to get into to the ‘My Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey’?

Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey -

Here are the steps you have to follow when get into their contest.

  • First step, Go to their survey webpage: or just click here to get into their page.
  • Next step you have select your language there are two options English and Spanish. If you don’t know Spanish you can go with English.
  • Then they ask you to enter the survey code. Survey code are the which is printed on your all you need is to enter it. And also, the store number.
  • After submitting click ”Take Survey” to get the questions.

Then you will take into a questions panels you have to answer it all. Which means you have to provide your opinion about the Wawa menu, services, locations and products. You must be honest as possible because your valuable opinions are their command. So, be careful on giving answers in order improve any kind of their factors.

Effective information about the ”MyWawavisit Feedback Survey”

Wawa Inc. Official Website:

It is highly recommended to visit their website to update for more information in regarding of their service, products and wawa locations. And also, they provide useful Wawa nutrition section which helps to build your meal and helps to find out how many calories it contains. – Website of My Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey

The above link will directly take into the survey page. And you have to submityour feedback on the services they have provided to improve their overall customer satisfaction.

And also, they have a pointed-out factor in their survey. After completing survey,you have gets a chance to win $250 or a $100 Wawa Gift Card. Isn’t is awesome? Every month they draw the monthly surveys and winner get a chance to get $250 or $100 Wawa Gift Card.

How you can contact Wawa In.

There are mainly two ways if you want to contact in order to inquire about anything they are;

Through E-mail: for any urgent questions or enquiry who want to know about Wawa Inc. Go to their website and just click on their contact button. There will an option where you have to submit your question. If you want ask something you have provide your name, email address, question type and the course of question. They will get to you with the answer as soon as possible.

Through phone: Another option you can enquire is that through phone. If you add you phone number you will get a call in short period of time. Then you can ask them what you need to know and they will give their best answer for you.

As because of they are one of the biggest convenience store and the gas stations chain in the East Coast, they provide 24/7 service a week. So, you can ask inquiry whenever you want.

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